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Hello!! Small update :)

Please keep in mind that blog updates will now be sporadic due to college and classes.

:bulletyellow: IMPORTANT :bulletyellow:

:icongive-n-getpoints: - "I just made this account to help donate points to people in need."
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Hello,Welcome, and Rules

Hello! Welcome to :icongimme-points:, a group dedicated to points!

Joining is easy and free! Anyone can do it! Please do not ask me for any position higher than a member. :)

You may "spam" the comment section if you like, but don't post anything too vulgar!

Please read the rules before posting anything.

It would mean a lot if people advertised this group around DA! :iconimgrinningplz:

- Founder :iconmoose15:


:points: How to join :points:

:bulletred: Click "Join Group" on the home page.
:bulletred:That's it! You automatically become member!

:points: Gallery Submissions :points:

:bulletred:Members are limited to 5 submissions a day
:bulletred:Please submit pictures to the correct folder. This will help keep the group organized.
updated:bulletred: We do not allow anything that is not under your own copyright or , in other words, that is not yours. Art theft is a huge no no. If you are using line art by someone else, please say so somewhere in the "Artist's Comments" section or ask the artist before submitting their work.
:bulletred: Restricted line art is not allowed
:bulletred: We do not allow any content deemed vulgar or offensive ( nudity, sex, etc.)

:bulletyellow: Adoptables must be full body pictures- not head shots
:bulletyellow: Do not mix free adoptables with point adoptables. They must all be for sale for points.
:bulletyellow: Put artistic credit at the bottom of the "Artists comments" even if the picture is all yours.
:bulletyellow: Dinosaur adoptables go into the "other animal adoptables" folder

:bulletblue: There are many ways to do point commission guides. You may have one picture or many depending on what you are offering. Just make sure you have the amount of :points: each picture is worth and what kind of picture the price is for in the guide.
Quick example of a point commission guide-…

:bulletblue: If you don't want to place the amount of :points: the picture is worth in the actual picture, put something like," Hey! I'm offering point commissions! Pictures like this one ( pencil) are worth *insert price here* :points:" in the "artist's comments". Example of a commission guide:

:bulletorange: The "Advertise Your Work" folder is a place you may post any of your works to attract people to your profile to receive points. You may post anything here except adoptables and point commission guides, which should go into their proper folders. Anything you submit will also be automatically approved in this folder.

:bulletgreen: If you're unsure about which folder to put something in, place it in the "Advertise Your Work" folder.

:bulletgreen: If you want to submit something that has to do with points but is not an adoptable or point commission guide, suggest it as a "favorite".

:bulletyellow: :new: From now on, please do not send me notes about putting messages up in the blog that only ask for points. I repeat, you CANNOT just ASK for points IN the BLOG. You must be willing to give something back in return. Examples: a contest may offer points as a prize and in exchange you design a character. That's fine. If you're offering some kind of raffle. That's fine. If someone is offering points in exchange for critique. That's fine. If you would like to ask someone to donate points to you, please post a message in the comment portion on the front page of this group.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns, don't be afraid to note us. :)








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llamasfordays Featured By Owner 5 hours ago  New member
1 Points  = 1 watch and 1 Llama
5 Points  = 1 watch, 1 Llama, and 1 fave
10 Points  = 1 watch, 1 Llama, and 5 faves
15 Points  = 1 watch, 1 Llama, and 10 faves
20 Points  = 1 watch, 1 Llama, and 15 faves

50+ Points = 1 watch, 1 Llama, and 20 faves and a Feature!

point is love 
Petra1999 Featured By Owner 19 hours ago
Donate points and you'll get:
(Minimum Donation = Reward)

1 :points: = Llama Badge dancing llama badge by CookiemagiK

5 :points: = Watch :+devwatch:

10 :points: = For every 2nd point 1x Favorite :+fav:
(10 :points: = 5 :+fav: ; 15 :points: = 7 :+fav: ; ...)
(The maximum is your uploaded deviation amount)

50 :points: = For every 10th point 1x Group Join/Watch :groups:
(50 :points: = 5 :groups: ; 75 :points: = 7 :groups: ; ...)

100 :points: = DOUBLES ALL PRICES :omfg:
(I can't give more than one llama badge or watch)

You donate 12 points. You get: 6 :+fav:, AND :+devwatch:, AND  dancing llama badge by CookiemagiK
Ms3MagicArtz Featured By Owner 21 hours ago  New member
Im hosting a 100 point raffle! :D…
Russiacat Featured By Owner 1 day ago
I'll gladly watch, favorite, and llama anyone who kindly donates points. I hate begging but I want to fix my username so I can stop invading the actual Russiacat fanart (wasn't thinking when i made the account).

And I can also write stories for points too if you like.
NintendoLover105 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student General Artist
Bullet; Black 2-4 Points = WATCH + Llama + 3 comments + 10 Faves 

Bullet; Blue 5-9 Points = Added to my devWatch! + :iconllama1plz: + 5 comments + 15 +fav

Bullet; Green 10-14 Points = Added to my devWatch! + :iconllama1plz: + 7 comments + 20 +fav

Bullet; Orange 15-19 Points = Added to my devWatch! + :iconllama1plz: + 9 comments + 25 +fav

Bullet; Pink 20-24 Points = Added to my devWatch! + :iconllama1plz: + 13 comments + 30 +fav

Bullet; Purple 25-29 Points = Added to my devWatch! + :iconllama1plz: + 15 comments + 35 +fav

Bullet; Red 30-49 Points = Added to my devWatch! + :iconllama1plz: + 17 comments + 70 +fav 

Bullet; White 50+ Points = Added to my devWatch! + :iconllama1plz: + 30 comments + 100+ +fav

Bullet; Yellow 100+ Points = Added to my devWatch! + :iconllama1plz: + 50 comments + All +fav
Syko666 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Just gonna drop this off here.

5 :points: - 1 watch, 3 favs, 1 llama
10 :points: - 1 watch, 8 favs, 1 llama
15 :points: - 1 watch, 10 favs, 1 llama
20 :points: - 1 watch, 15 favs, 1 llama
25 :points: - 1 watch, 17 favs, 1 llama
100+ :points: - 1 watch, 30 favs, 1 llama
Design-Shark Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New member
Hey guys! Donate just 1 Points for a chance to win up to 250 Points!!! There will be three winners! All just by donating 1!:

Star! Star!

Every deviant who donates will be given a llama AND watch as well! Details are listed in the point lottery pool! :D (Big Grin)
Ms3MagicArtz Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New member
holding a 100 point raffle! :D…
xxReshiramxx Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
Holding a contest first prize is 4000 points:…
Mortifiera Featured By Owner 2 days ago
I give favs, watches and llamas for points !

1 :points:       for    1 :+fav:    +llama
10 :points:     for  10 :+fav:    +llama
15 :points:     for  15 :+fav:    +1 :+devwatch:   +llama
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